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Using Retail Sales Rate and Good Orders to Guide Economic Forecasting Strategies

Even professional economists hold varying opinions as to which economic factors are best considered when it comes to economic forecasting. There are many variables that one may use in order to predict a country’s economic future and monetary policy, but … Continue reading

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Be Warned of Danger Signs From Economic Forecasting and Quantitative Easing

No, it does not involve a fortuneteller’s magic ball set atop a table slowly spewing out eerily thin white clouds.  Foretelling future economic scenarios take more than just a couple of hand movements and unintelligible murmurings.  Economic forecasting involves a … Continue reading

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Why Bother With Economic Forecasting?

After the seemingly sudden collapse of financial giants in 2008 and the resulting global financial crisis, people have become more aware of economic factors and how they affect the life of average joes.  Economic forecasting is often a realm left … Continue reading

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